The Last Stand (Supernatural Podfic)

Podfic of The Last Stand, music and non-music version, recorded for Ladies Big Bang 2011


Title The Last Stand
Author Laurie
Reader Laurie
Fandom Supernatural
Rating and Warnings Teen. PG-13 Character Death (canon based)
Characters. Ellen Harvelle (centric), Jo Harvelle, Castiel, Dean, Sam, and Bobby.
Pairing Ellen Harvelle/Bobby Singer
Author’s NotesWritten for Ladies Big Bang 2011. Based on the episode in season five.10, Abandon All Hope.

Download links
The Last Stand Non-Music Version 33.2 MB, 00:36.16 mintues.
The Last Stand Music Version 36.7 MB. 00:40.05 minutes.

Non Music Version

Music Version Podfic_The_Last_Stand_Music_Version_SPN.mp3

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