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Master Post : The Last Stand (Supernatural Fanfiction, Podfic, and Fanmix)

“The Last Stand” – story, podfic, and fanmix by Laurie laurie_ky Fandom: Supernatural Characters/Pairings: Ellen Harvelle (Centric), Jo Harvelle, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer, Castiel. Ellen Harvelle/Bobby Singer. Hints of Jo Harvelle/Dean Winchester, Castiel/Dean Winchester Content Notes/Warnings: Canon Death … Continue reading

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The Last Stand (Supernatural Fanmix)

This fan-mix is a retelling with music and lyrics of the The Last Stand by Laurie, written for Ladies Big Bang 2011. THE LAST STAND fan-mix Click here to download Lyric selections, and listen through streaming to the songs The … Continue reading

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